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Nobody wants to suffer a personal injury accident but the fact is that they do occur at any given moment and in the most unexpected of times. Unfortunately, the consequences of these accidents do inflict emotional and physical trauma on those who fall victims to such an unfortunate event. Even worse, there is a third ramification from these accidents that do indeed add even more stress to those ones mentioned above.

We are talking about financial repercussions and what that will mean for your capital gains. The truth is that you will lose a substantial amount of money since you will need to recuperate from your injuries. Your medical bills will pile up and you will undoubtedly see yourself in a tough position to pay them. All of these things create an enormous amount of stress that will truly decrease your quality of life. That same stress though was most likely caused by someone else and your injuries deserve to be accounted for.

It’s for that same reason that those individuals who created your injuries need to be held accountable for them. Despite this turmoil, there are solutions that can bring you the relief that you are so desperately in need of. By hiring the assistance of a Portland accident attorney you will be able to gather the necessary components to achieve and acquire the compensation that you are entitled to. These are trained professionals that have the due diligence and skill set that will ensure that your rights stay protected and that you receive a settlement that will cover your expenses.

By hiring an injury attorney you will gain a full advantage at the time of preparing and filing your claim. The process, however, can be quite tedious and painstaking because of the legal components of a potential case. Please be advised that venturing into this legal battle without a legal representative will be extremely difficult to finish victorious. These are complex legal issues that can become even nasty when the party at fault representatives or insurance companies decide to undermine your claim. Oftentimes, they will dispute every aspect of your argument with false pretenses just so that you do not receive the settlement that you’re entitled to.

Do not let this happen to you though. Portland accident attorneys will not allow that to happen because they will accompany you through every step of the process. So, we would like for you to join us throughout this article since we will talk about specific cases of PIA’s, what to do at the accident scene, and how an injury attorney can help you resolve them. Let’s get started!

The Three Most Common Personal Injury Accidents in Oregon

Let’s begin by talking about slip and fall accidents in the Portland area. These perhaps are one of the most rescuing injury accidents because of its factor of surprise of those who fall victims of it and also because its caused by pure negligence.

Those two factors are intertwined because a victim who falls in a public or private area is undoubtedly affected by someone else’s lack of responsibility. Whether it be a restaurant, supermarket, retail store, or office space, there always needs to be certain parameters of safety that ensure that nobody can get hurt. Furthermore, the managers and owners of these places are the individuals responsible for making sure that does happen. Unfortunately, a trip and fall accident is a prime indicator that did not happen at all.

You must know that as soon as you endure this fall you are immediately entitled to receive compensation for your injuries and have every right to file an injury claim. Many people miss the opportunity to hold these people accountable because they are not fully aware of the standards of their rights.

Next up, we’d like to mention that motor vehicle accidents are just as common as slip and falls if not even more because of the number of cars and vehicles that are present in our city. Just like the previous accident, MVA’s have negligence written all over them. Unfortunately, many drivers on the road do not assume the responsibility that it entails getting behind the wheel. Things like drunk driving, speeding, and being distracted while operating a vehicle create extremely unfortunate consequences to unsuspecting victims. If you have been involved in a car accident caused by someone else you deserve to be compensated for every single penny!

Lastly, we would like to talk about medical malpractice. This is an incident in which a patient receives inadequate medical care in the form of a diagnosis or procedure. However, that specific inadequacy thus leads to health issues or complications that end up seriously injuring the individual. However, to prove this form of medical negligence, it has to be proven that the same procedure has been done many times correctly by other health care professionals and that under the pretense of statistics there is no reason why the victim’s results had to come out in that matter. It is more complex than the other two injury accidents but an expert personal injury lawyer can help you prove it otherwise.

What To Do At The Accident Scene in Portland

When dealing with a motor vehicle accident you’re going to have to pull yourself together and gather your strengths to confront the oncoming pain and suffering. You first must call medical attention at once because your health is above everything else. Then, it will be important to get the contact information of the party at fault. This includes the following:

  • Insurance carrier,
  • Date of birth,
  • License plate number
  • Identification and license number,
  • Telephone number and address.

Call the police immediately after you have written down this information so that they can write down an accident report and make sure that you receive a copy of that document. Once you have that document you must take pictures of your injuries and damages to any property. Lastly, get in contact with an injury lawyer.

When dealing with a slip and fall, the process is somewhat similar. Always seek the medical attention you need and make sure that you receive it in a time span of maximum of 14 days from the first day of the accident. If you fail to do this, your injury claim can automatically be invalidated. Inform the owner that you suffered a fall and that you demand that an accident report be written detailing the severity of your injuries, the date, and time of the accident.

Equally as important, take pictures of the hazardous condition that caused your accident. Record your injuries and gather any possible witness accounts that can corroborate the events of your accidents.

As for medical malpractice, you will have to ask for your medical records and an itemized bill of all of the procedures that were given to you. The more evidence you have the better, especially when your attorney compares it to the opinions of other medical experts.

Get Represented By A Portland Injury Attorney Right Away!

The main benefits of an injury attorney in these circumstances include the following:

  • For all three accidents, your injury lawyer will be able to compile an extensive investigation of the facts. This means that there they will question the parties at fault, gather more substantial evidence, and ask for the expert opinions of professionals in the field that can fortify your argument.
  • Your injury lawyer will also assess your damages and give value to your injuries. This is very important because things like loss of income, pain and suffering, medical bills, and out-of-pocket costs will amount to a deserved monetary compensation.
  • You will get assistance to correctly file your injury claim. These claims are full of documents that have a tremendous amount of legal verbiage that may be difficult for you to understand on your own. Thankfully, your injury lawyer will be able to resolve all of these obstacles without any problem. It will be filled out in a timely manner and with all of the necessary guidelines.
  • Your attorneys will have the ability to talk to the insurance companies or legal representative of the party at fault for you. They will block off any unfair practices that they try to throw at you in hopes of invalidating your claim.
  • Lastly, if the party at fault fails to reach a settlement with you, your attorney will be able to raise your case as a lawsuit in a court of law. They will expertly present your evidence and present your argument so that you can finally receive the compensation you’re entitled to.

The Solution Is In Your Hands

The following information was brought to you by the expert attorneys at the offices of Senft Legal. The solution is in your hands because you are the only one that can actually request to be serviced by a legal expert. For that reason, we are proud to state that injury lawyers from Senft Legal are ready to take your claim and grant you the compensation that you’re entitled to. They have ample expertise in these cases and are backed up by a results-driven track record. What are you waiting for? Call them now!