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Have you recently been involved in a personal injury accident in Oregon? If so, you have arrived at the right place! These events are perhaps one of the most traumatic and painful situations to be in. In a large state like Oregon that has over 4 million people in population, personal injury incidents can occur at any moment of their lives. Consequently, individuals may never be prepared to confront the repercussions of the accident’s aftermath. 

Personal injury accidents can also negatively affect your quality of life. These incidents can make people feel unsafe or suffer posttraumatic stress disorder. Also, you may end up with severe injuries that could prevent you from performing your daily obligations. You could be forced to assume the responsibility of paying expensive medical bills, while at the same time missing work while recovering from your injuries.

During these difficult times, we would like to sympathize with you because dealing with these above mentioned issues is simply not an easy thing to do. It is important to be aware that personal injury accidents are caused by someone else’s negligence. If there was a lack of responsibility from the other party at the time of the accident, you will be entitled to receive compensation for your physical, emotional, and financial burdens. 

Sadly, achieving monetary compensation on your own is not as straightforward as you may think. Personal injury accidents lead to a set of legal disputes. For example, the other parties involved in the accident and their insurers may intend to deny fault or offer you an inaccurate amount of compensation. For that reason, you will need to hire a qualified attorney from an accident law firm in Oregon. 

These injury lawyers are professionals who possess the needed expertise for your claim. So, we would like for you to keep reading this article because we will discuss the most common personal injury accidents in Oregon, their legal framework, what to do after suffering one of these incidents, and the benefits of hiring an attorney during your legal dispute.

Most Common Personal Injury Accidents Seen in Oregon

  • Auto accidents are one the most common and tragic personal injury accidents not only in this state but also in the United States. These events may lead to permanent injuries and death.Negligent actions such as speeding, reckless driving, distracted driving, and operating vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs are the main causes of motor vehicle accidents. If the person who gave rise to the accident was performing one of these actions, he/she will be found responsible for your injuries, damage to your vehicle, and medical bills. In Oregon, people are given two years to file a car accident injury lawsuit. If they fail to file it within this timeframe, the jury most likely will deny their claim. Oregon utilizes a modified comparative negligence law. This means that you can still gain compensation for your damages after the incident. However, your compensation will be reduced if you were partially responsible for the collision. For instance, if you were 20% liable your award will be reduced by 20%. 
  • Usually, slip and fall accidents occur in public spaces such as supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels. The term slip and fall, refers to the event where an individual trips and falls on someone else’s property. Plaintiffs can suffer bone injuries such as fractures and dislocations.By law, establishment owners are responsible for keeping their facilities free of any dangerous conditions. These hazards can be things like wet floors, debris, cracked sidewalks, broken roofs, and poor lighting in the area.In the State of Oregon, individuals must file a lawsuit within 2 years after the accident. However, if you decide to file a lawsuit for damaged property in a slip and fall, you are given 5 years to do so. Moreover, the Oregon Modified Comparative Negligence Law declares that you can recover damages if you were up to 50% responsible for the accident. 
  • Dog bites can affect various parts of our bodies. These injuries can provoke infections, fractures, injuries in soft tissues, and damage to important nerves. A dog will be legally considered dangerous if the animal has attacked other animals and people previously on record. If the dog is aggressive, it must be registered as such to the authorities and kept on a leash while being present in public spaces.Dog bites fall under the category of personal injury claims. In Oregon, people must file a personal injury lawsuit within 2 years. Oregon Statutes section 31.360 declares that a dog owner becomes “strictly liable” for economic and physical damages created upon the victim. . “Strict liability” is a legal term that defines that the dog owner is liable for the victim’s burdens. By law, plaintiffs are entitled to receive compensation regardless of the precautions taken by the owner to prevent the injury at the time of the accident. 
  • A situation of medical malpractice occurs when a hospital or healthcare professional, by an act of omission, injures a patient during a procedure or medical prescription. These accidents can cause permanent damages and people may need to invest more money in expensive recovery treatments.According to medical malpractice law, victims are given 2 years to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. It is important to mention that the clock starts ticking as soon as the plaintiff discovers their injury. This is known as the “discovery rule”. However, individuals may not start a legal process against the hospital more than 5 years from the date that the alleged medical malpractice occurred, regardless of when the injury was discovered. The Oregon Modified Comparative Negligence Law will be utilized in these cases if the jury discovers that you were partially at-fault for your injuries. An example of this case, happens when you result ill after medicating yourself against your doctor’s instructions. 

What to Do After Being Involved in a Personal Injury Accident in Oregon

 If you’ve suffered any injuries related to medical malpractice, slip and falls, or car accidents it is important to remain calm and not panic. In order to deal with the repercussions of the incident, these situations must be managed meticulously. 

In instances of car accidents and slip and falls it is recommended not to leave the accident scene. Depending on the space where the accident took place, you must report it to the local authorities and establishment owner. Make sure that you provide them with a clear statement about the accident. 

Notice and jot down the exact date and time of the incident. If you were involved in a car accident, it is crucial to annotate the license plate numbers of each party involved in the collision. Also, seek evidence such as pictures of your injuries or what provoked the accident. 

Regardless of the severity of your injuries, it is vital to seek medical attention as quickly as possible. Why? Because your injuries may take several days to fully develop after the accident.

Furthermore, you must exchange contact information with the other party. Provide them your email address and phone number. Do not forget to make sure you ask for their information as well. 

It is important to report your accident to your insurers because they will open a case file and process medical, property damage, and wage loss documents if needed. 

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney From a Law Firm in Oregon

Accident attorneys possess a professional understanding of formalities and procedures with these claims. That is why they can help you properly filing a claim and understanding the regulations that may affect your interests. 

As we mentioned before, your case could be jeopardized since some insurance companies will try to undermine your claim. More specifically, they may offer you an incorrect amount of compensation. However, accident attorneys can negotiate with them on your behalf. They also know how to properly calculate the compensation that you are entitled to receive by determining your pain, lost income, and medical expenses. 

After beginning a legal process, you will receive phone calls from insurers and other parties. In addition, you may be asked to attend meetings with them to reach a settlement. These situations can be very overwhelming especially if you are injured. An injury attorney can thus represent you while you recover from your damages. 

Several injury lawyers work on contingency fees. In other words, they will not take a single dime out of your pocket if your claim is not settled correctly. 

Gathering evidence is a vital part of your claim. For that reason, lawyers work alongside private investigators who can collect important evidence for your case. 

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