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Injury accidents are events that can drastically alter your financial reality, physical health, and quality of life. Even though these incidents can be quite unexpected. One of the main issues when dealing with these types of incidents occurs when they are caused by someone else’s input of negligence. To delve right into the facts, there are various types of injury accidents that each have their own legal formats. For example, motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, and even injuries from instances of medical malpractice

A personal injury accident will, unfortunately, create various issues like confusion, pain, and even hopelessness. Even if you feel like you might not have any solutions it is important that you understand that this is not true. You do not have to deal with these problems all by yourself.

By hiring a personal injury lawyer in Oregon, you will be provided with the necessary tools to tackle the legalities of your personal injury accident. So, we would like to ask you to join us during this detailed account, so that you may learn about these benefits. We shall talk about the specific legalities of these accidents and how a game plan will be created for your case throughout your first free consultation.

Legal Standards Of Personal Injury Accidents In Portland

Slip & Falls Accidents

A trip and fall is known to be a situation where an unsuspecting victim can slip in a specific area. The individual because of the fall, will then suffer moderate to severe trauma usually on their head, arms, torso, hips, and legs.

Slip and falls can be avoided if there are certain guidelines of safety that have to be kept at all times. However, if that were to be the case, then we wouldn’t even be talking about this personal injury. Sadly, the party at-fault do often become the people who are supposed to ensure that code of safety. When a person suffers a fall in a specific area it means that those responsible for the safety of others failed to warn, inform, or correct an impending hazard that could lead to someone’s danger.

Let’s now talk about some of the places that harbor these incidents. Places like supermarkets, restaurants, retail stores, and office spaces restaurants, supermarkets, retail stores, and office spaces are notorious for hosting these accidents.

Let’s talk about what to do at the accident scene. After the slip, you will have to make a note of your immediate surroundings. After you do so, it is essential to receive medical attention as soon as possible. Whether you request it on the scene or later on, you have to make sure that you do so in a maximum period of 14 days. That time period must be completed within 2 weeks so that your future injury claim can prove to be successful.

Secondly, at the scene of the accident, make sure that you take pictures of the hazards that you believe that led to your accident. Lastly, firmly request that the owner of the establishment fill out an accident report. This report is crucial because it will work as evidence down the road as you work to attain a fair settlement 

Car Accidents in the Portland area and the rest of Oregon

Automobile accidents in the Portland area are perhaps the most common types of personal injury accidents because of the amounts of motor vehicles that transit within the city. Whether it be normal cars, public transportation, and motorcycles, the vast amount of traffic does in fact increase the chances of a collision.

The mixture of transportation alongside irresponsible driving, sadly posses a mass amount of grief among the affected accident victims. More specifically, car accidents are the leading cause of fatality rates in regards to personal injury accidents. According to the NCS, 489 people were killed in car crashes in 2019 in Oregon. This is seen to be a 4% increase from 2018. The 2020 report will actually come out in March and it shall be notable to see how the trend has evolved.

Just like any other personal injury accident, the most important task at hand will be to check the severity of your injuries. If you are travelling with another person or more people you will also have to verify their state of health. Call the police and request medical attention. If you are able to walk, take pictures of your car, personal injuries, and request the contact information of the party at fault.

We’re talking about their name, date of birth, license plate number, driver’s license and telephone number. Before you leave the area, make sure that the officer handling the accident scene provides you with a driver’s exchange report detailing crucial information of the accident.

Medical Malpractice Injuries

Our third type of personal injury accident for the day will be on the subject of Medical malpractice. In order to fully grasp the concept of this type of injury is knowing that there are other specific types of malpractice instead of just one. Let’s quickly delve into the 2 most important types. Before though, let’s define exactly what is the overarching theme of medical malpractice. Medical malpractice officially happens when a hospital, doctor or other health care professional, through a negligent act or omission, causes an injury to a patient.

  • Private Practice: In this case, a physician practices alone without any other associates and a reduced staff of support. However, the drawbacks of working in such an independent fashion does in fact lead to working much longer hours than usual. It also includes financial extremes, and a greater amount of business risk.These are factors that statistically increase the chances of medical practice.
  • Hospital Based: In hospital based work, doctors earn a more substantial income, enjoy a regular patient base, and enjoy a solid referral network. On the other hand, there are indeed setbacks, such as a relative lack of physician autonomy. Also, employee constraints and the expectation that physicians become involved in hospital committee work can be drawbacks that could result in instances of malpractice in situations of diagnosis, lack of care, and negligence in procedures.

Guideline and Benefits of Hiring an Accident Injury Attorney in Portland, Oregon

Now that you are more aware of the complex legal issues that arrive with these three specific cases, it is now time to talk about the benefits of seeking a free consultation to address these issues.

The Real Costs

One of the most important aspects of these consultations with personal injury attorneys, is that they operate on the basis of contingency fees. This means that you will not have to worry about even paying a dime for their time. Legal experts define it as a fee for services (as of a lawyer) paid upon successful completion of the services and usually calculated as a percentage of the gain realized for the client

First Meeting to Touch Bases with Your Legal Counsel

When you seek to consult with your injury attorney in the first meeting you will have to bring any related paperwork that shares the details of your personal injury accident. Within these documents, you should make sure to have the following information

  • The transactions of any medical treatment
  • Proof of any court orders
  • Information that pertains to the party at-fault. This includes their contact information, and driving record 
  • Evidence of your injuries being both physical and emotional damages

Throughout the first meeting with your injury attorney, he or she will provide you with a client retainer agreement and a statement of client rights and further responsibilities. If you agree to the provided terms, your attorney will then swiftly initiate everything necessary for your case. By hiring an Oregon personal injury lawyer, your chances of attaining compensation will undoubtedly increase to a maximum capacity!

The Solution Is In Your Hands

The following information was brought to you by the expert attorneys at the offices of Senft Legal. The solution is in your hands because you are the only one that can actually request to be serviced by a legal expert. For that reason, we are proud to state that injury lawyers from Senft Legal are ready to take your claim and grant you the compensation that you’re entitled to. They have ample expertise in these cases and are backed up by a result-driven track record. What are you waiting for? Call them now!